Piramal Pharma Solutions announces winner of its 2022 Award for Excellence in Patient Centricity

Published: 25-Nov-2022

The Excellence Award recognises the hands-on application of Patient Centricity and a focus on helping to reduce the burden of disease on patients

Piramal Pharma's Pharma Solutions business, a leading Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO), announced that the company’s site in Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh, India, has been selected as the winner of the most recent PPS Award for Excellence in Patient Centricity. The Pithampur Patient Awareness Council (PAC) was recognised for the program entitled “Imbibing Patient Centricity in All Strata, Internally & Externally.”

This award, which is given out twice per year, goes to the Patient Awareness Council (PAC) at a PPS site in recognition of a specific program they initiated related to Patient Centricity. A core ideology of the company, Patient Centricity is built upon the principal that understanding the needs of patients and building an organisation that is dedicated to addressing those needs is foundational to the company. As part of the Patient Centricity onboarding initiative, employees at all fourteen of the company’s sites around the world received dedicated training on how to embrace the concept and make the program a reality. Patient Awareness Councils were formed at each site for the purpose of driving the idea forward at a local level.

According to Stuart Needleman, Chief Patient Centricity Officer at Piramal Pharma Solutions, “Over the past 6 months, our site PACs came through with a collection of thoughtful and powerful initiatives to drive patient centricity at their site. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner, but we are pleased with our decision to present the award to the Pithampur PAC. Their program did a great job of extending our message of patient centricity outside the organisation, to partners and other stakeholders who work with the site. It was clearly aligned with our ethos of patient centricity.”

The Pithampur PAC’s program was designed to create a cultural shift by applying patient centricity as an elevation lever. Emphasis was placed on instilling a patient-centric mind set across the production area, to shop floor workers and machine operators, reminding them to take special care, since they are producing drug product that patients rely on. The program brought the concept into all strata at the site – into its very DNA – by extending the concept beyond the technical and operational staffs. Support workers, including transporters, security staff, canteen staff members, civil workers, gardeners, housekeeping partners, and others, were educated on how their roles are also part of a patient-centric culture. In a similar fashion, the initiative reached external partners, including doctors, community pharmacists, students, health care professionals, and customers who have ongoing programs at the site.

Peter DeYoung, Chief Executive Officer, Piramal Pharma Solutions said: “Each year, in conjunction with the WHO’s Patient Safety Day, we celebrate Patient Centricity Week across all our global sites. We see a clear connection between our efforts to be patient centric and the WHO’s mission to recognise patient safety through global solidarity and united action. The Excellence in Patient Centricity Award validates that connection by recognising one site’s efforts to improve the lives of patients. Congratulations to the Pithampur PAC for this award and for their dedication to our ethos of patient centricity.”

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