Romaco at CPhI Worldwide, Frankfurt


Romaco’s product packaging line — Siebler — unites heat-sealing technology with die-cut packaging formats

Romaco at CPhI Worldwide, Frankfurt

Romaco will take advantage of the CPhI exhibition to make its first joint appearance with Constantia Flexibles. The two manufacturers have already been cooperating closely for many years on research and development.

Formats for both standard and individual-shaped strips can be produced using Romaco Siebler heat-sealing technology.

A Romaco strip packaging machine in the HM 1 series will be on show at the booth of Constantia Flexibles, an expert for foil and film packaging. The Siebler HM 1 machines can be configured to manufacture die-cut strips at the customer’s request.

Individual-shaped strips can be designed entirely according to each Romaco customer’s requirements. There are no limits to the possible geometries: round, rectangular packs, heart or even star-shaped; bespoke strip perforation patterns are also available.

Individual-shaped strips from Romaco Siebler

To enable individual-shaped strips to be manufactured, a heat-sealing machine belonging to the Romaco Siebler HM 1-350 series is equipped with a continuous cutting station. Two servo-driven punches cut strips out of the foil layer with a drawing cut.

Nothing more is needed to create air, light and moisture-tight unit dose packaging with an individual design. Several specimen sealing pattern options are also available. Any machine configured for die-cutting individual-shaped strips can also be used to make standard strip formats. The Romaco Siebler HM 1-350 is capable of delivering up to 900 individual-shaped strips per minute.

It’s the foil that makes the difference

Choosing the right heat-sealing foil is crucial in order to produce strip packaging efficiently and reliably. This is why Romaco and Constantia Flexibles, a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging, have been working together very closely for many years, during which they have carried out numerous joint feasibility studies and tests.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and contract packers alike profit from the know-how and experience of these two packaging specialists. The machinability of a foil in relation to the speed at which it is processed is always the decisive factor.

This calls for a detailed analysis of the sealing parameters, so that the processes and features of the heat-sealing machine can be adapted accordingly. The aim is to achieve packaging, which remains absolutely tight in any circumstances. All packaging must pass various stability tests before it is approved by the pharmaceutical regulatory authorities for a particular product.

Romaco and Constantia Flexibles will make their first appearance as an expert team at the upcoming CPhI in Frankfurt.

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