SCHOTT extends syringe format for sensitive biologics

Materials specialist SCHOTT has extended its syriQ BioPure syringe format to enable optimised administration of highly viscous biologics

The new 2.25mL syriQ BioPure syringe for highly viscous biologics administered by use of an autoinjector. Image: SCHOTT

SCHOTT has extended its syriQ BioPure syringe format to enable optimised administration. The new 2.25mL long syringe was developed for highly viscous biologics, which are administered by use of an autoinjector.

SyriQ BioPure syringes are specifically designed to keep sensitive biologic drugs stable over shelf life, while easing the administration process for patients. The portfolio now includes a new 2.25mL syringe format, which supports both the drug’s and patient’s needs when it comes to administering highly viscous biologics by autoinjector.

Biologic drugs provide treatment options for hard-to-treat diseases, yet administering these drugs comes with some challenges. One of these is that the bioavailability is increased in order to ensure the efficiency of the treatments, which leads to a higher Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) concentration. This in return results in an increased drug viscosity, which means that more force is required to inject the drug. However, if too much force is applied, the injection process becomes uncomfortable for the patient and the syringe may break.

Another aspect is that the high concentration of complex and large molecules can interact with the container and cause stability issues.

Facing these challenges SCHOTT has now launched syriQ BioPure in a 2.25 mL format for use in autoinjectors. “The standard 1 mL long glass syringe is too small in volume for the increase in bioavailability, yet a container beyond 3 mL would be too big for administration,” explained Anil Kumar Busimi, Senior Global Product Manager for the SCHOTT iQ Platform.

“The new 2.25 mL long syringes therefore ensure the efficiency of the treatment, while also making the administration with an autoinjector easier and more comfortable for the patient,” Kumar added.

Drug stability and device compatibility

As part of the SCHOTT iQ platform, all syriQ BioPure syringes are delivered pre-sterilised in a standard nest and tub. The syringes are manufactured under improved processes to lower tungsten and adhesive residuals and the use of high-end materials further result in a superior E&L profile (Extractables & Leachables) to ensure drug stability.

Moreover, accurate dimensions ensure optimal device compatibility, meeting market demand for products that can be administered at home for patient comfort.

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