Sanner to focus on tailor-made packaging solutions at Pharmapack 2017


Sanner IDP-Process — individual packaging in six steps

Sanner to focus on tailor-made packaging solutions at Pharmapack 2017

At Pharmapack 2017 in Paris, Sanner GmbH, a manufacturer of high-quality primary plastic packaging and medical devices, will showcase the IDP-Process.

In this holistic six-phase development process, customers receive their individual packaging solution. Its design not only fulfils the highest demands, it is also suited for serial production and complies with all technical and regulatory requirements.

Inhalers with special spray geometry, especially user-friendly teststrip dispensers, child-resistant closures or breakage-proof dual-chamber syringes — drug packaging requirements are increasing continuously.

“A fast and reliable market introduction of new products also requires a matching packaging concept,” says Sanner Managing Director Dirk Mähr. “This is why our IDP-Process supports our customers with long-term expertise in the development of all kinds of primary packaging and medical devices."

IDP stands for Idea. Design. Product. We manage customer projects from the first idea right through to serial production, and develop their smart, efficient and safe individual packaging solution.

Six phases, one goal

In the concept phase, Sanner specialists develop different approaches based on customer demands and regulatory requirements. The criteria for subsequent serial production are already taken into account in this early phase.

Once the customer has chosen their favourite solutions, the concepts are further specified in the design phase. In the prototype phase, the required equipment and product samples are qualified and tested.

The industrialisation phase is all about the final manufacture, installation and qualification of production equipment, as well as defining the parameters for a smooth and efficient production process. This process is validated in the implementation phase.

In parallel, all documents required for the approval and registration of both drugs and packaging are issued. Now the roll-out phase can start, while continuous control of serial production ensures consistent product quality.

However, the project is not over yet for Sanner. The company supports customers with dedicated services during the entire product lifecycle. “We also constantly work on optimising our internal process,” Dirk Mähr underlines. “A glance at our OTIF level and complaint rates proves us right: 98% of all deliveries arrive at their destination on time without any missing parts. The complaint rate is less than one per ten million parts supplied.” The integrated MES further provides for 100% traceability of all parts.

Desiccant solutions for solid pharmaceuticals

With the Atmo Guard System, Sanner offers another holistic service especially for desiccant packaging. It is designed to support a safe, timely and cost-effective market introduction of new pharma and healthcare products. According to the motto “as much desiccant as needed, as little as possible,” the focus is on the ideal interaction of product, desiccant and packaging.

Examples from the Sanner portfolio are the AdPack desiccant sachets. They are made of Tyvek and ensure the efficient, safe and economic protection of moisture-sensitive drugs such as tablets or capsules inside the packaging.

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The portfolio is completed by the AdCap desiccant capsules, which offer 360 degree moisture protection as well as the highest patient safety. The unique grid structure eliminates potential confusion with the drugs. Both desiccant solutions are suited for worldwide usage, as they comply with all regulatory requirements and can be processed on all common dosing and filling lines.