Schreiner MediPharm begins mass production of Needle-Trap


Offers protection against needlestick injuries

Schreiner MediPharm has begun mass production of Needle-Trap, its economical and safe solution that protects against needlestick injuries.

Needle-Trap consists of a syringe label with integrated needle protection that secures the blood-contaminated needle after injection, thus protecting healthcare professionals from needlestick injuries.

The German company says Needle-Trap’s compact design and easy integration into existing production processes means a low-cost investment and minimal space requirements for pharmaceutical manufacturers. The combination of a label and needle protection can be processed on conventional labelling equipment with only minor modifications at dispensing speeds of up to 400 units a minute.

Schreiner-MediPharm says Needle-Trap also reduces material and packaging requirements and is thus environmentally friendly.