Schreiner MediPharm label prevents illegal vial re-use


Adds covert messages to its multi-use Pharma-Comb label

To counteract illegal trade in empty pharmaceutical glass containers that have been disposed of as waste, Schreiner MediPharm has added integrated covert messages to its Pharma-Comb label as a further development of this product.

The Pharma-Comb Void label clearly indicates that the vial has been opened and prevents substitutes that pose a health risk to patients from being filled into original containers.

Used glass containers marked with conventional labels can be refilled and sold as original products without anyone noticing, the German firm says. Even security features such as holograms or colour-change techniques offer no protection against this form of tampering.
The Pharma-Comb Void is part of a multi-use label

The Pharma-Comb Void is part of a multi-use label

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Schreiner MediPharm’s marking solution allows users to see whether re-use of vials has taken place.

The Pharma-Comb Void is a multi-part product label that is destroyed by the first user, who pulls off the strip that tears open the label and also encloses the vial’s cap. Two void messages, ‘Opened’ and ‘Used’ then appear in two indicator fields. Consequently, it is not possible to re-use the vial with the original label.

The Pharma-Comb Void label is also convenient to use; once it has been opened, an additional, self-lifting label part is exposed, which the doctor or nurse can detach to mark the syringe.

It is also a reliable tool to identify authentic products, increase pharmaceutical product safety, and systematically protect patients from receiving wrong or counterfeit drugs.