Selvita launches new company


Ardigen will focus on bioinformatics and personalised medicine

Selvita is expanding its activity in the field of bioinformatics and personalised medicine and has created a new subsidiary, Ardigen, to take over the company’s current bioinformatics activity with an aim to further develop and expand its application portfolio.

Ardigen combines the competencies of information technologists with the creativity of biologists and chemists. The company will focus on three strategic business units. The big data integration and analysis unit will continue to develop Selvita’s bioinformatics and custom application services, whereas new business units will be developed to address biological and clinical data analysis in the areas of genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics and immunomics, as well as products and services within the field of personalised medicine.

‘Starting Ardigen is our response to the vast amount of information on the mechanisms, progression and treatment outcomes of various life-threatening disorders and new therapies, a challenge that doctors currently face without adequate and affordable solutions,’ said Pawel Przewiezlikowski, Selvita’s CEO and President of the Supervisory Board at Ardigen. ‘Advanced IT technologies are essential to achieve the promise of personalised medicine, allowing us to reach the knowledge contained in the petabytes of information gathered in various research institutes, clinics and contributed by patients.’

Janusz Homa, Ardigen’s Chief Executive Officer, added: ‘The combination of Selvita’s scientific potential and drug discovery experience, with the possibilities offered by modern IT technologies, opens up a huge, completely new area of solutions to support the most difficult battle that any human being will ever face, the battle for health.

‘In the coming years, bioinformatics will play an even more crucial role in the life science and healthcare sectors. As a market with enormous potential, which is only just starting to develop, now is the perfect time for Ardigen to begin its journey towards becoming a global leader.’

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Ardigen currently has a team of 20 employees and several important collaborations in place, including Abbott Informatics, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and Qiagen. The company plans to increase its headcount significantly in the near future and initiate new product and service development activities based on the creative ideas of its founders.