Serialisation expert Supply Chain Wizard ramps up executive team amid rapid growth in US and abroad


Supply Chain Wizard (SCW), a leading full-service global consulting firm specialising in serialisation and traceability, as well as supply chain strategy and operational transformation programmes, is bolstering its high-level executive team in response to significant growth

The hires come during a banner year of expansion that included a move into a larger US headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey.

Dedicated to optimising operations for growth, service and efficiency, Supply Chain Wizard offers strategic innovations in products and services targeting serialisation and supply chain transformation initiatives, along with a team of expert consultants providing comprehensive support toward cost-effective compliance with serialisation mandates and post-go-live operational support.

Alper Derici

Alper Derici

Recent senior level hires include Alper Derici, Director of Product Development, Aytac Atac, PhD, Manager of Digital Innovation, and Julien Faury, Manager of Strategic Initiatives.

Aytac Atac

Aytac Atac

As Director of Product Development, Alper Derici is charged with co-ordinating, strategising and executing all activities related to software products, an indication of Supply Chain Wizard’s deep commitment to investing in such “teachable” supply chain solutions.

Prior to joining SCW, Mr Derici was a solution manager at SAP Turkey, an SAP consultant with Innocon Consulting, and a business analyst with Sutas Dairy. A resident of Istanbul, Mr Derici earned a degree in engineering from Akdeniz University.

In addition to directing day-to-day operations in Germany, Dr Aytac Atac has been named Manager of Digital Innovation, exemplifying Supply Chain Wizard’s recognition of the ever-increasing importance of superior digital supply chain performance and the Internet of Things (IoT).

In his role, Dr Atac is responsible for overseeing digital transformation projects – work that includes finding and managing partners for IoT solutions, and adapting SCW’s software development to existing and future client needs. SCW’s latest IoT-enabled solution, “OEE Tracker,” will be one of Dr Atac’s focus areas in strengthening SCW’s “Digital Factory” and “Digital Supply Chain” service lines.

Prior to joining Supply Chain Wizard, Dr Atac was a project manager at multiple sites for E.ON Connecting Energies GmbH and, before that, a Product Manager with RWTH Aachen.

Julien Faury

Julien Faury

A resident of Berlin, Dr Atac was a Fulbright Scholar who earned an engineering degree from Middle East Technical University, as well as a graduate degree in electrical and computer engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He also earned a PhD in smart home and IoT applications R&D from RWTH Aachen University.

As Manager of Strategic Initiatives, Julien Faury is charged with driving both internal and external strategic initiatives for Supply Chain Wizard, and strengthening the management capabilities of the fast-growing company.

Mr Faury works closely with CEO Dr Evren Ozkaya, and partners with SCW executives, vendors and clients to guide business planning by establishing metrics and accountability mechanisms. In this role, he tracks key performance indicators (KPIs) to improve supply chain management and operational processes.

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Prior to joining Supply Chain Wizard, Mr Faury was Chief Revenue Officer at Alertgasoil, a digital consultant at GE Power, and General Manager at Linagora. Now residing in Princeton, NJ, Mr Faury earned an executive MBA from Institut Mines Telecom in France.