Shimadzu launches HIC-ESP anion analysis ion chromatograph


The new anion analysis ion chromatograph is equipped with the new anion suppressor ICDS-40A

The HIC-ESP for anion analysis is equipped with a new suppressor and employs the slim column oven CTO-40S, contributing to the effective use of laboratory space with a compact installation width that is about half that of current systems on the market. Two types of systems are available: a metal (SUS)-based type with excellent liquid flow stability and another made of inert material.

The ICDS-40A is an electrodialysis-type anion suppressor using an ion-exchange membrane. The continuous regeneration system eliminates the need to switch between analysis and regeneration processes and contributes to shortening the analysis cycle time and building a simple system configuration.

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The small internal volume design reduces peak dispersion and improves the quantification precision for fluoride ions (F-), which have a particularly short retention time and notoriously more challenging to determine at low concentrations.

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