Teknomek broadens its PVC strip curtain range


The manufacturer and supplier of specialist equipment is showing germs the final curtain

Teknomek broadens its PVC strip curtain range

The UK-based Teknomek, designs, manufactures and supplies specialist furniture and equipment for industries when hygiene is critical. PVC strip curtains are renowned in the industry to help reduce hygiene risk by keeping differently graded areas within cleanrooms separate.

The company, headquartered in Norwich, has now added antimicrobial protection embedded within the PVC to prevent the growth of bacteria, including MRSA, to further minimise the risk of cross-contamination.

The antimicrobial curtains have silver ions incorporated during the manufacturing process, providing significantly greater microbial resistance.

The hard-wearing curtains are suitable for use in temperatures of +38°C to - 10°C.

Sue Springett, Commercial Manager at Teknomek, said: “The new antimicrobial strip curtains offers an additional level of microbial security. It demonstrates that you take risk management seriously by closing another potential chink in the armour.”

“Cross contamination continues to be a major issue, by embedding antimicrobial properties within the curtains, another risk is minimised through product design without incurring additional procedures,” she commented.

The PVC strips are available in widths of 200 mm and 300 mm and with thickness options of 2 mm/3 mm to suit particular use case scenarios both within and beyond the cleanroom to extend hygienic standards throughout the facility.

They can be coupled with light duty hooking systems for interior pedestrian doorways or with a heavy-duty version for heavy plant openings, which is robust enough to cope with regular forklift traffic.

They can be delivered as 50 mm rolls or as pre-cut strips, which come with or without stainless steel plates ready to fit to existing hanging systems.

Teknomek commented the curtains’ thermal properties retain heat, offering a simple and eco-friendly way to help reduce energy costs. The tough PVC also acts as a sound barrier, reducing noise transfer between areas.

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The company offers a broad range of PVC curtains to suit numerous scenarios, these include clear, polar (for chilled environments), perforated (for maximum ventilation) and anti-static, alongside specialist hangers.