Telstar increases freezer production for vaccine storage demand


The line was developed using the company’s in-house cold storage technology

Telstar increases freezer production for vaccine storage demand

Telstar has reinforced the production of its Boreas -86º freezers to meet growing demand generated by the industrial production of COVID-19 vaccines. The company will double its manufacturing of the freezers, which it says comply with the stringent requirements of storage needed to protect the integrity of vaccines, not only in hospitals but also in logistic and transport processes.

The freezer’s mechanical design aims to enhance robustness, efficiency and ergonomics as well as ensuring the integrity of the cold preservation process. Equipped VIP with vacuum panels, the freezer maintains a temperature of -80ºC with ambient temperatures up to +28ºC. Boreas uses natural refrigerant CFC-free gases that contribute to environment preservation.

The company is specialised in the development of process equipment & integrated solutions in isolation technology systems, sterilisation and freeze-drying applications covering all the critical phases of the injectable vaccine production according to the higher requirements of quality to remove risks in manufacturing processes.

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To face the next medium-term phase, it has also strengthened the development of its freeze-drying systems for the manufacturing of vaccines under lyophilised form to guarantee its complete distribution to across the globe, while the conservation and integrity are totally ensured.