Telstar installs integrated freeze-drying system at BSP Pharmaceuticals in Italy


New freeze-drying system is offered in a vertical configuration for the production of cancer drugs

Innovative, integrated process equipment for the freeze drying of oncological products developed by Telstar has been installed at Italian company BSP Pharmaceuticals. The complex installation consists of two large-scale pass-through lyophilisers (30m2) with a fully automated ‘push-in/pull-out’ type constant level loading and unloading system. Conceived for use in the manufacturing process of oncological products, the equipment has been designed to be integrated within aseptic isolators requiring high level protection for the operator (OEL5), the product (ISO5) and the environment.

The automatic push-in/pull-out vial loading and unloading systems which are integrated to each of two lyophilisers have been designed to operate effectively both in aseptic conditions for product protection and under contained conditions for operator protection. The system includes a patented compact drive system featuring flexible steel bands especially suitable for use within ISO5 aseptic zones.

The freeze drying equipment developed by Telstar has been designed in a vertical configuration and features a pass-through process chamber at the production level with all technical elements in the basement. The vertical layout improves production flow during the freeze-drying process and provides segregation of liquid and freeze-dried product states.

BSP Pharmaceuticals, located in Latino Scala, is one of the largest CMO plants in Italy dedicated to the development and manufacturing of high potency and cytotoxic drugs. The company offers solutions entirely dedicated to anticancer compounds to the main international pharmaceuticals brands.

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BSP Pharmaceuticals has one of the world’s most advanced facilities, entirely dedicated to anti-cancer compounds, with 24,000m2 of buildings on a total campus of approximately 40 acres (16 hectares).