Telstar offers new version of compact lab-scale freeze-dryers to markets in Asia and Africa


This pilot-scale freeze-dryer bridges a gap in the market previously addressed through larger-scale laboratory equipment

The latest compact version of twin-vessel pilot-scale freeze dryer, specifically designed for applications in experimentation, research, and formulation to develop recipes in pharmaceutical freeze-drying processes, will be introduced next month by Telstar.

The compact LyoBeta Mini lab freeze dryer (W94cm x H76cm x D63cm) has a twin-vessel configuration and is equipped with an external condenser of 6kg capacity, separately located from the product chamber. Additionally it features an automatic stoppering system that enables automatic sequences to be programmed and includes an electromagnetic aeration valve and piezo-pressure sensor for use in combination with the pneumatic stoppering device.

The LyoBeta Mini offers 0.18m2 of shelf surface area with temperature control from -55°C to +70°C. A cascade refrigeration system using CFC-free refrigerants cools the shelves and will reduce the temperature of the condenser to -85°C.

Telstar is showing the freeze-dryer to the Asia and Africa markets at next month's Arablab 2016 in Dubai.

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The Spanish firm will also demonstrate the Telstar Igloo, a compact and ecological -86ºC ultra-low-temperature freezer for secure preservation of samples specifically directed at clinical and research centres. This freezer provides an innovative and energy efficient storage system, superior temperature performance and uniformity, the firm says. It also offers the lowest power consumption and low noise level (< 50dB(A)) in a small footprint, which enables a more optimised freezer layout and the flexibility to adapt to any space.