The future of the pharmaceutical industry

In this white paper, Martin Lush who has extensive experience in QA and QC management positions, explains his view of the future of the pharmaceutical industry, and provides some key facts and essential back-to-basics advice on how you can prosper in an uncertain, ever-changing world

Ever participated in one of those benchmarking exercises? You know what I mean. When a (usually) fresh-faced consultant asks lots of questions and fills in a spreadsheet comparing what you do with your competitors. Well, beware.

Trying to copy and follow others in a world of turbulence and massive uncertainty is a risky business. Assuming that what worked last year will work in the future is also very risky.

I recently presented the 30-minute webinar The Political Landscape and the Future of the Pharma Industry available in our resource library ( under Webinars. Some of what I covered is highlighted throughout this article. Of course, my predictions for the future are based on educated guesswork and whether they happen or not remains to be seen. After all, 20 years ago we were told to expect a paperless society, flying cars and more leisure time by now! The objective of my webinar was to get people thinking beyond the here and now.

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