Thermo Fisher launches system for automated sample purification

The KingFisher Apex Purification System isolates nucleic acids, proteins and cells with customizable protocols

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched the KingFisher Apex Purification System, a high-throughput sample purification instrument designed for scientists who need to automate the extraction of DNA, RNA, proteins and cells from an array of sample types.

The KingFisher Apex enables nucleic acid, protein and cell isolation while allowing users to customise protocols directly from the instrument to provide flexible, reproducible and fast sample preparation, Thermo Fisher claims. It automates much of the work associated with preparing nucleic acids and proteins, can process for 24 to 96 samples in 25 to 65 minutes and elutes in low volumes (10 µL) for downstream applications.

“Building on decades of product expertise, the KingFisher Apex combines unparalleled instrument capabilities into one platform, filling a gap where existing solutions include either large, complicated, high-cost instruments or low-throughput solutions that don’t meet the processing needs of many labs,” said Jeff Journey, VP and General Manager, sample preparation at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Simplifying and automating the sample preparation workflow will help improve research productivity and drive new discovery, especially for those working with high-value samples such as circulating tumor cells, T-cells and exosomes.”

The system can be used in combination with any of the Applied Biosciences MagMAX Isolation kits, as well as with Invitrogen Dynabeads Magnetic Separation products. Additional features include heating and cooling controls to maintain sample integrity, dual UV lights to safeguard against contamination, cloud-enabled access to up-to-date validated protocols, dual magnets to support both small and large volume ranges and the ability to elute in storage tubes to revisit samples later. The instrument’s touchscreen allows users to write, edit and run protocols directly on the instrument and rely on guided visuals for plate loading without a computer. Lot-specific bar codes confirm proper plate position during loading or may be used for lot tracking and documentation.

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