Two-way rupture disc delivers significant cost savings


Product covers both positive and negative pressure relief

Two-way rupture disc from Elfab

Two-way rupture disc from Elfab

UK-based pressure management specialist Elfab has developed a two-way rupture disc to prevent vessel damage under vacuum or from overpressure.

Customers who previously relied on separate rupture discs for positive and negative pressure relief can now use a single disc to fulfil the same protective function via a single installation point.

Available in non-fragmenting composite or graphite designs, and compatible with liquid, gas and vapour, the two-way disc is suitable for most customer applications. Both designs feature Elfab’s unique Flo-Tel non-invasive, ATEX-approved detection system, which the firm says makes them the only bidirectional discs on the market to benefit from reusable burst detection. Instant burst indication is critical to many process applications while the fact that the detection system is reusable will offer cost savings to customers.

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The composite design is supplied in stainless steel as standard, but other materials can also be provided. The graphite disc is non-torque sensitive and needs no holder, instead fitting directly between flanges. Both can be installed between a variety of flange arrangements, depending on specific application requirements.