Veeva collaborates for best-in-class randomisation and trial supply management


Vault EDC combined with IRT software will help improve data quality and speed study execution for the most complex clinical trials

Veeva collaborates for best-in-class randomisation and trial supply management

Veeva Systems will partner with specialist interactive response technology (IRT) vendors to provide advanced randomisation and trial supply management capabilities with Veeva Vault EDC.

Veeva is bringing together a modern EDC cloud application with best-in-class randomisation and trial supply software to help the life sciences industry improve data quality and accelerate execution when managing complex clinical trials. Veeva’s open partnership approach will allow customers to use Vault EDC with the IRT solution that best meets their needs.

Veeva will work with an ecosystem of highly specialised solutions like 4G Clinical, Almac Group, Bracket, IDDI and YPrime to support sophisticated, adaptive trial designs. Customers will be able to assign patient treatments and supply investigator sites, while ensuring that accurate data flows seamlessly with Vault EDC to streamline trial design and execution. Veeva will also offer stratified randomisation as a core capability in Vault EDC.

“Veeva is committed to customer success and making it easier for companies to use Vault EDC with the software of their choice to manage randomisation and their global supply chains,” said Richard Young, vice president of Vault EDC.

“Combining a modern EDC application with advanced randomisation and supply management will help us ensure we have quality data output for our most sophisticated trials,” said Kelly Ritch, vice president, clinical trial operations, IND 2 Results. “The ability for EDC and IRT solutions to work together is critical to implementing complex study designs with greater speed and efficiency.”

Veeva Vault EDC is a flexible, modern cloud application that helps life sciences companies easily design studies, manage amendments, and improve the speed and quality of data collection in clinical trials. Vault EDC is part of the Veeva Vault Clinical Suite, which also includes Vault eSource, Vault CTMS, Vault eTMF, Vault Study Startup, and Vault SiteExchange, to streamline clinical operations and clinical data management.

At a recent Veeva partner event, leading IRT vendor Almac shared their thoughts on the opportunity to combine their advanced randomisation and supply management capabilities with Vault EDC.

Almac is proud to collaborate with Veeva on this innovative open partnership approach to offer clients greater flexibility and data quality,” said George Tiger, vice president of global business development, Almac Group. “We look forward to working closely with the Veeva team going forward.”

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