Wavelength expands API supply for respiratory drugs in US and Europe

API supplier Wavelength Pharmaceuticals has also announced availability of its new CDMO services

Wavelength Pharmaceuticals, a supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients, has greatly expanded production of APIs for certain products needed to manage respiratory critical care patients. Demand for these products, including Midazolam, Cisatracurium, and Rocuronium, has skyrocketed as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic.

"For more than 30 years we have invested in building a world-class operation supplying the highest quality APIs for a wide variety of products," said Iftach Seri, CEO of Wavelength. "Our robust supply chain and impeccable regulatory track record are enabling us to quickly respond to the urgent need for life-saving care for critically ill COVID-19 patients. We are proud of our highly experienced team, who is working tirelessly to treble and quadruple our production and supply of these essential APIs for patients in the US and Europe."

Wavelength also announced availability of its new API CDMO services that leverage the company's core strengths in complex chemistry, crystalline forms, and particle design along with its strong culture of quality and regulatory compliance to provide customised solutions for development and manufacturing of new APIs.

Wavelength can deliver a wide range of production needs, from pre-clinical grams to multi-tonne commercial quantities, with complete regulatory support.

With continuous investment in simplifying and de-risking its supply chain, Wavelength has all the required capabilities and the flexibility to reliably meet shifting customer needs and accommodate their growth.

Seri added: "Our commitment to being 'always aligned' with the needs of our customers drove us to invest in the required capabilities and expertise that now allow us to respond so quickly to the urgent need for respiratory critical care drugs for COVID-19 patients. It also underlies our decision to share our extensive experience with customers and collaborators via our CDMO service unit."

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