White paper: A roadmap for successful technology transfer

Aileen Ruff, VP, Strategy & Marketing for Advanced Delivery Technologies, Catalent, discusses some of the factors that should be taken into account when making the all-important decision

When a company is looking to outsource a pharmaceutical manufacturing programme, there are multiple potential partners across the globe to whom it can choose to transfer its project, whether that programme is in development or already commercialised.

Many companies offer contract manufacturing services for pharmaceutical doses, some inhabiting specific individual technology niches, while others offer wider capabilities and a high production capacity.

There are many factors that a company should take into account when determining whether the potential outsourcing partner is a credible vendor for an individual project and the selection of the right partner may be complicated if the product requires special handling, requires a bespoke technology approach, or when that partner would need to provide a flexible manufacturing solution. But all of this starts with a successful transfer of technology.

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