Loma Systems at ACHEMA 2024: showcasing the newly improved pharmaceutical metal detector

Published: 4-Jun-2024

The company will present its pharmaceutical solutions, including metal detectors suitable for all stages of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process

Loma Systems, a metal detector, checkweigher and X-ray inspection system specialist, will be demonstrating its latest detection solutions at ACHEMA 2024. 

Visitors are invited to join Loma Systems at Hall 4.1, Stand A64, to meet the experts and discover inspection solutions tailored for the pharmaceutical industry.


IQ4 LOCK-PH Pharmaceutical Metal Detector

The main focus of Loma’s display is the upgraded IQ4 LOCK-PH Pharmaceutical Metal Detector, with two units available offering different reject capabilities.

One of these units is the IQ4 LOCK-PH with a simple lift flap reject, while the other is the IQ4 LOCK-PH with a Wash-In-Place (WIP) reject.

The lift flap reject system is simple but effective, as a flap lifts to send contaminated capsules or tablets into a reject bottle. The WIP option, on the other hand, allows customers to attach a water hose to the reject nozzle and wash the item out rather than manually cleaning it.

The WIP reject is completely watertight.

This detector offers detection precision and inspects up to 30,000 tablets, capsules, soft gels or lozenges per minute.

Ensuring easy handling by operators, the device features a multilingual interface and a 7-inch touchscreen. The system also provides high-level security access and reporting options, with all reports being saved in PDF encrypted files to meet strict global manufacturing standards.


Insight Pharmaceutical Metal Detector

Also on show is the Insight Pharmaceutical Metal Detector; designed for inspecting tablets and capsules after the tablet press and de-duster process, the system provides a throughput of up to 30,000 units per minute and detection levels of up to 0.25mmFE, 0.3mmNFE, 0.4mm St/St.


IQ4 FLEX Conveyor Metal Detector

Loma’s exhibit will also showcase the newly launched IQ4 FLEX Conveyor Metal Detector; a flexible conveyor that is perfect for customers with the possibility of changing inspection requirements in the future.

The FLEX Conveyor enables users to customise the conveyor according to their needs, adjusting the aperture height, belt speed and belt lengths. The system is suitable for the varying needs of all pharmaceutical customers, and is ideal for inspecting fully packaged items before shipping.

International Pharmaceutical Business Manager at Loma Systems James Chrismas said: "ACHEMA 2024 presents a remarkable opportunity for Loma Systems to demonstrate our latest technical developments and dedication to providing the best inspection solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. We are particularly excited to showcase our new IQ4 LOCK-PH and IQ4 FLEX Conveyor Metal Detectors. These products represent our commitment to enhancing product safety and operational efficiency for our customers in the pharmaceutical industry."


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