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Moderna discusses mRNA technology advances

Announcements on its mRNA tech, vaccine characterisation and biodistribution were made during the company’s Science and Technology Day event

NorthX signs manufacturing agreement for pneumococcus vaccine candidate

Abera Bioscience develops vaccine candidates based on its proprietary platforms

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Overcoming bioanalytical hurdles in the pharma and life sciences sector

A new era of innovation and advancement in drug design, and modalities such as cell and gene therapies (CGTs), have led to the development of promi...

CPHI North America to return in hybrid format

Ahead of the event, recently released CPHI findings show 65% of US companies are predicting growth in excess of 20% in 2022 – with CDMOs reporting...

VectorBuilder to construct R&D and manufacturing campus

Construction is expected to cost $500m and will be split into two phases over the next four years

Navigating the maelstrom of M&A activity: what do CDMOs do next?

In an increasingly competitive market for contract service providers, do outsourcing companies acquire, grow or take a strategically vertical or ho...

Native mass spectrometry as a drug discovery engine

Using mass spectrometry to characterise and screen large intact protein targets, captured directly in their native state, is making waves as a diff...

Abzena opens biologics testing lab in California

Tighter control of timelines will be possible at the facility, alongside rigorous evaluation of each integrated programme to provide appropriate data

Almirall announces dermatological research collaboration

Dr John Foerster at the University of Dundee is researching a proprietary immune-based treatment for chronic inflammatory conditions

The role of technology in the medical industry

Dr Suk Kinch, Principal Design and Development Engineer at UK-based global engineering technologies company, Renishaw, has been working with its ne...

Chemistry meets biology: an integrated approach to developing and manufacturing medicines of the future

Until recently, chemists and biologists rarely needed to collaborate to develop a new large molecule drug, reports Chris Conway, President, Researc...

Stablepharma demonstrates fridge-free Td vaccine tech

Td-StablevaX-M is a pre-filled disposable syringe containing dry stabilised tetanus diptheria vaccine for administration by injection following reh...

Why outsourcing makes sense for orphan and rare diseases

There are as many as 8000 rare diseases, affecting 400 million people worldwide, for which there are no effective drugs available.<sup>1</sup> With...

Rokote selects Exothera for COVID vaccine manufacturing

The CDMO will be responsible for manufacturing clinical material of the intranasal vaccine for Phase I/II trials

Evaluating the effects of ACE2-mediated COVID-19 infection

COVID-19 has impacted virtually everyone‘s lives, whether through personal experience of infection or the impacts of other people’s illnesses. But...