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Micro-Sphere launches R&D services at Swiss site

The new department will specialise in particle engineering to offer reliable techniques at lab scale and deliver clinical product in gram-scale

Sartorius and Exopharm sign joint research agreement

Partnership will address technical challenges of large-scale, high-efficiency purification of therapeutic exosomes for non-viral drug delivery

Novartis and MMV move to Phase III study to treat uncomplicated malaria

As the world faces emerging resistance to current malaria treatments, new medicines are needed to continue the fight toward elimination

Indena: a full-service provider of APIs, HPAPIs and cGMP contract development and production services

Indena is well known in the naturally derived molecule space with experience gained during its 100-year history. At the same time, the company has...

Cambrex set to acquire Snapdragon Chemistry

“The acquisition of Snapdragon will accelerate our growth in the area of continuous flow process development and manufacturing"

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Enabling oligonucleotide therapeutics with precision targeting methods

Oligonucleotides are a rapidly growing class of therapeutics. This modality appears to offer highly favourable therapeutic characteristics such as...

Overcoming hurdles in the biopharmaceutical pipeline with advanced analytics

In conversation with Nick Pittman and Magnus Wetterhall, both Global Marketing Managers, Bioprocessing, at Waters Corporation, Dr Kevin Robinson ex...

ANGUS acquires Expression Systems

Expression Systems is a supplier of cell culture media, baculovirus molecular reagents and cell lines used in biological-based therapeutics

OMass Therapeutics and Nature Chemistry present native mass spectrometry research

Joint publication in Nature Chemistry between OMass Therapeutics’ scientists and co-founder Professor Dame Carol Robinson’s team at Oxford University

Where Zymergen went wrong: a biomanufacturing perspective for synthetic biology

After riding reinvigorated attention and investment in the recent past, the biotechnology market has taken a bit of beating so far this year. Nusqe...

Manufacturing Chemist LIVE 2022 in review (part I)

Taking a front row seat during the two-day pharmaceutical conference in Birmingham, UK, Dr Kevin Robinson reports on what’s new, emerging and excit...

Exelixis and Catalent enter into new license agreement

New priority discovery programs focused on three oncology targets with potential to develop antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) for a variety of solid...

Nanoparticles enable effective drug delivery

Effective drug delivery ensures that therapeutic agents reach their intended destination, releasing the active pharmaceutical ingredient at the tar...

Cambrex invests in 21,000 sqft R&D facility in Minnesota

The facility is located on a 45-acre property and produces a wide range of APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates, including highly potent molecules...

Tackling drug resistance in immuno-oncology: the role of combinational therapy

The application of immunotherapy for cancer treatment has burgeoned during the past decade, transforming the way we manage certain types of cancer....