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Navigating CMC challenges in NBE and therapeutic antibody development

Insights by Dr Thomas Flad, Senior Director of Solutions & Innovation at ProtaGene, as he poses solutions to the difficulty matching analytical res...

Genomic Vision launches cell characterisation service for biomanufacturing

The France-based company has launched HexaCard, a new service for characterising transformed cell lines

Clean Cells launches activities at biopharmaceutical facility

With 5,300 sqm of new premises, €22 million building offers four times more laboratory space than previous facility

Pharma turns to CD8 in vivo imaging to predict response to immunotherapy

Improving the success rates of immunotherapy drugs has long been a difficult challenge. But finding ways to accurately measure the presence of CD8+...

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PeakData raises $12.1m to connect pharma companies to healthcare professionals

The funds have been raised to grow the company's AI platform that identifies and collates the most relevant and impactful healthcare professionals...

Maximising data quality in digital PCR

Data forms the backbone of all scientific innovation, guiding researchers in their experimental direction and contributing to meaningful conclusion...

From food to pharma: antioxidant scavengers as a viable strategy to mitigate nitrosamines in drugs

Stakeholders throughout the pharmaceutical value chain have had to deal with the recall of nitrosamine-containing medications, loss of revenue and,...

Titan Enterprises expands its liquid flowmeter calibration capacity

Titan Enterprises has been performing all its calibration requirements in-house since 1994 using their positive displacement oil or water flow rigs...

Medicines Discovery Catapult and ZEISS set sights on advancing microscopy in drug discovery

Medicines Discovery Catapult (MDC) and ZEISS have joined forces to improve drug discovery and early development of complex medicines by harnessing...

Detection and global data: a revolutionary tool in the fight against counterfeit pharmaceuticals

The detection of counterfeit pharmaceutical goods is hindered by lengthy waits for results and a reliance on centralised testing. These bottlenecks...

Host cell protein analysis: strategies to improve sensitivity and reproducibility

Given that the US FDA approved 25 new cellular and gene therapy products in 2022, gene-based vaccines and therapeutics have now entered the mainstr...

The new Nebula Multimode Reader from Lonza streamlines quantitative endotoxin detection

A single reader minimises space requirements, training burden and maintenance contracts for endotoxin detection

Metabolomics research group brings power of TIMS to bear on understanding human health and disease

How utilising trapped ion mobility spectrometry (TIMS) has enhanced the use of mass spectrometry (MS) for accurate metabolite analysis to increase...

Thermo Fisher Scientific showcases new clinical and research lab solutions at AACC 2022

The advanced tools and technologies enable improved flexibility and productivity for diagnostics development and support advanced allergy and autoi...

Drug target identification: simply a complicated task

Dr Pierre Eftekhari, CEO of Inoviem Scientific and Bcell Design, discusses the pros and cons of technologies for efficient drug target identification

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Waters launches software for biologic drug product and cell culture media

Shimadzu and the drive for automation

Veterinary laboratory management software to be demonstrated by Autoscribe at ECVP Joint Congress

CPhI Worldwide 2019

Easy mass spectrometry (MS) methods for oligonucleotide sequence confirmation and impurity detection

Faster than imagined

GMP University: Change Control - Quality Risk Management - Internal Audits and FDA Inspections

Averica expands pharmaceutical impurities services

Automate LC purification and high-purity compound recovery with UFPLC

ONLINE AUCTION: laboratory and bioprocessing equipment

Multi-Attribute Method (MAM) for quality control in therapeutic proteins manufacturing

Marchesini Group set to showcase at CPhI

A simple guide to expanding your FTIR system with flexible accessories from Shimadzu

Online auction: right of return offering of R&D equipment

Scale-up for process engineering

Negative mode analysis of synthetic oligonucleotides

Have you ever wondered about the cost of failed PCR applications?

Online auction: lab, analytical & bioprocessing equipment auction

Adapting to trends in the pharmaceutical industry

Cytena launches automated tool designed to streamline single-cell isolation in microbiology

How a trusted adviser can help pharma players maximise return on their digital investments


It’s time to get smart about viscosity

SentrySciences Software introduces ParticleSentryAI software platform

Beamex shortlisted for the 2022 Instrumentation Excellence Awards for its MC6-Ex Calibrator

Viscosity Measurement Training