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Kiadis responds to EMA concerns

Biopharma company has responded to the European Medicines Agency’s second Day 180 List of Outstanding Issues for ...

Parker Bioscience Filtration hosts sterilisation in biopharma webinar

On 4 June, the free seminar will inform those working in biopharmaceutical manufacturing how to put sterile filtration ...

Cleanroom Technology Awards: Winners celebrate success in 2019

JD Cooling, Isoone, Asgard and Veltek have taken home the awards sponsored by Micronclean

An automatic response to businesses’ financial woes

The UK business world is in crisis. It might sound like an over-dramatic statement; however, from a financial ...

Medherant receives £2 million to progress new transdermal patches

Funding for the Warwick University spinout is part of around £2.4m syndicated investment round

FDA approves TraceLink pilot programmes for workstreams

The two projects aim to improve the supply chain by focusing on traceability and product recalls

Serving up finance

OEMs can help their customers in the pharmaceutical sector to embrace digitalisation with integrated finance, reports ...

Wasdell Group acquires specialist UK manufacturer and packager

Packaging CDMO has acquired Honeywood to expand its pharma and nutraceutical offering

Dolomite to carry high-performance emulsion stabiliser FluoSurf

FluoSurf has been developed and optimised for droplet-based microfluidics applications

Bringing flexibility to pharmaceutical manufacturing

With the spectacular four-year bull run of pharmaceutical and biotech valuations from 2011-2015 over, manufacturers ...

Building a new business model with method lifecycle management

An increased focus on lifecycle management for analytical methods has been seen in recent years from the industry’s ...

WuXi Biologics CEO: Vaccine CDMO is the next area of growth

Dr Chris Chen launches WuXi Vaccines, announces new facility and a 20-year manufacturing contract worth US$3 billion

BASF selects Emerson to enhance flexibility and production at German chemical plant

Emerson automation to improve operational efficiency and enhance cybersecurity for world’s largest chemical ...

Boehringer announces multimillion-dollar investment to expand oral solid dosage production in Mexico

Cash injection to increase exports of anti-diabetic drugs to the US, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil