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Kaydence goes ahead with non-clinical requirements for FIH study on MQ7

The FDA has agreed on key components of the planned first-in-human study for a drug to treat arterial stiffness

Static control on medicinal bottle lines

There’s no margin for error when it comes to the production of medicines

Resolution needed to secure UK animal health and welfare says NOAH after Brexit landmark vote

NOAH urges politicians to work together to agree an urgent resolution to Brexit negotiations to provide certainty for ...

Managing pharmaceutical packaging compliance

Any supply chain is complex, but when it involves the manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals, a break in the chain is ...

The importance of steel quality in the performance of tablet compression tooling

When tablet producers are evaluating vendors for their tablet compression tooling, a key consideration should be the ...

Why it’s not too late to get FMD-ready

The clock is ticking for pharmaceutical manufacturers to comply with the FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive)

Looking back on 2018 and making predictions for 2019

As the global pharmaceutical industry transitions from the knowns of 2018 into the unknowns of 2019, Dr Kevin Robinson ...

Field study shows transparent emulsion results with GEA NiSoX-Valve

Successful completion of testing at GEA customer site demonstrates that the GEA NiSo-Valve homogenises nanoemulsions ...

Eli Lilly's modernisation plan cuts 250 jobs in France

The Fegersheim site will see a €100 million investment in new technology

Retention, not just recruitment

Six ways to protect your company from the skills crisis

Serialisation is not enough

A global technology leader in supply chain security, Systech’s revolutionary solution provides authentic, safe and ...

IEC 60034-23: what is it and how does it impact my business?

Dr Martin Killeen of the AEMT (Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades) outlines the requirements of the ...

Sphere Fluidics and Peak Analysis and Automation integrate their technologies

The single cell analysis system and micro-plate handling capability will be integrated

FDA is counting the pennies

Following the US government shutdown, the Food and Drug Administration struggles to keep up with work with rapidly ...