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Ilya Pharma takes minibioreactor wound care biologic into the clinic

Swedish MPA approves first-in-human trial of Ilya Pharma’s first-in-class ILP100 topical wound care therapy

Kite to build plant for cell therapies portfolio in California

A 67,000-square-foot facility will be built within an existing Gilead biologics production site in Oceanside

Microphyt gets cash injection to boost sales network and production

French nutraceutical operates a patented process that solves the drawbacks of microalgae production

Industrial coatings company chooses ABB Ability to achieve zero downtime

Transcontinental Advanced Coatings has piloted ABB's system on equipment at its Wrexham facility

Nosopharm chooses Evotec to advance next-gen Odilorhabdin drug candidate

The initial focus is on chemistry and manufacturing and control (CMC) to bring NOSO-502 to clinical stage

The Native Antigen company signs global distribution agreements

The UK reagents specialist has named BIOZOL and Shanghai Bioleaf sole traders in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and ...

Preparing for the paradigm shift in bioprocessing

While upstream titers have improved dramatically over the last decade, downstream processing has remained relatively ...

Cherwell microbiology specialist examines trends in pharma

Hamish Hogg comments on GMP audit to aseptic processing and other hot topics as presented at the Pharmaceutical and ...

WHP completes cleanroom project for ADC Bio in the UK

The GMP facility in North Wales features Grade C and D cleanrooms and four-zone HVAC systems

Process optimisation with flow chemistry

WuXi STA, the Chinese CDMO with a global footprint, embraces the need to develop drugs for customers using safer, more ...

Recombinant cultures for superior enzyme output

A non-GMP enzyme manufacturing process at Porton Biopharma has been converted from native production to recombinant ...

Nanonisation: Tiny technology to turn drug failures to success

Finnish biotech Nanoform opens up on the new process that is quickly catching on among drug developers and manufacturers

British cell and gene therapy accelerator releases annual report

The CGT Catapult has worked on more than 110 projects addressing industry challenges

UK government releases £125 million in grant funding to support innovators

The cash injection will see businesses turn ideas into new products and services on the market