Perimed AB collaborates with Serendipity Partners to accelerate growth

Published: 7-Feb-2024

Serendipity Partners has acquired a 49% ownership stake in Perimed AB, signifying a strategic partnership encouraging expansion of the company and its products

Serendipity Partner’s decision to take a substantial ownership position signifies its confidence in Perimed’s vision, business model and team.
"We are delighted to welcome Serendipity Partners as a key stakeholder in our journey," says Björn Bakken, current owner of Perimed. 

"This investment not only validates the hard work and dedication of our team but also positions us for accelerated growth and success in the rapidly growing market for diagnostic instruments. Serendipity Partners brings great experience, industry knowledge, and a shared vision that aligns seamlessly with our strategic objectives."
The infusion of capital from Serendipity Partners will be instrumental for Perimed’s expansion plans, with the US as its primary market. 

The collaboration is expected to unlock synergies that will enhance operational efficiency and ultimately deliver great value to Serendipity Partners investors. 

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