ACHEMA 2012: Koerber Medipak focuses on efficiency, flexibility and security

Published: 20-Jun-2012

Four divisions offer packaging innovations

Körber Medipak Group companies MediSeal, Seidenader, Dividella and Rondo are releasing a number of new products at Achema in Frankfurt this week.

The focus is on systems and concepts which combine high line efficiency and flexibility, while simultaneously guaranteeing the security for the entire packaging process.

These include: MediSeal’s StickPack line; Seidenader’s new development for the inspection of glass containers; the White-Line concept for handling packaging for different countries; track and trace systems plus novel compliance solutions; and the NeoTOP804 TopLoading cartoner.

MediSeal produces the stickpacks with a line for the primary and secondary packaging of free-flowing powders, granulates, pellets, or liquids.

ACHEMA 2012 will see the premiere of MediSeal’s LA600 SP stickpack solution in combination with the P1600 sideload cartoner to produce a complete production line, which ensures maximum process reliability by positively guiding the stickpacks along the entire process chain. This prevents free fall or random distribution of the stickpacks.

The LA600 SP achieves an output of up to 1,000 sticks a minute for stick lengths from 45 to 100mm, while the cartoner handles up to 100 cartons a minute.

Maximum mobility of the installation is ensured by the modular construction, which can accommodate extended solutions such as L or U shapes.

As a complementary technology to optical inspection of pre-filled vials, Seidenader and Ilis are presenting a module to verify the tension of glass containers on an MS-30 inspection machine. It uses a special imaging polarimeter to visualise double light refractions in the glass, which serves as an indicator of potential weak points and cracks.

With the integration of such a system into a fully automatic inspection machine, objective and reproducible measurements at production speeds of up to 600products/min can be recorded so that production-induced stress is detected early.

Containers with residual stress can be automatically removed from the production line and discharged into the defect channel.

Seidenader offers T&T Solutions for serialisation that provide complete traceability of individual cartons, bundles and pallets to prevent counterfeit products entering the supply chain.

With a label applicator and a tamper-evident seal, T&T Solutions comply with current legislation for the labelling of medicines and can easily be adapted to future requirements.

Specially developed for batch sizes from 1 to 2,000 blisters, the White-Line concept revolutionises the entire supply chain by allowing different countries’ variants to be combined in one batch.

Instead of processing many country-specific packaging materials and inserts, the White-Line concept is based on unprinted (white) materials. Lid foil, cartons and inserts are not printed with the country-specific information until they are on the packaging line, treating all units as one big batch. The changeover to a different language is fully automatic and controlled by the line management system, and takes only 10-12min.

The Dividella NeoTOP 804 cartoner packs different products in the same packaging fully automatically. NeoTOP offers a combination of format flexibility – from 1 to 10 objects per package – and high performance.

Rondo aims to help patients take their medications regularly with a carton and scratch card combination. Studies show that more than 50% of patients do not comply with dosage instructions, with the most common problem being forgetfulness. This inexpensive solution responds to this need while offering many marketing and communication options.

In addition, Rondo says its patented ‘Folding Box with Tamper Evidence’ sets new standards for security.

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