ACHEMA: Malvern to showcase new products for life science and industry

Published: 14-May-2015

First European outing for latest additions to MicroCal microcalorimetry range

Malvern’s products for life scientists provide information to drive drug discovery and development and Achema will be the first major European outing for the latest additions to the recently acquired MicroCal microcalorimetry range and for the OMNISEC GPC/SEC platform.

Taking centre stage will be the MicroCal PEAQ-ITC and PEAQ-ITC automated systems which offer robust performance and enhanced functionality for the study of biomolecular interactions. Alongside will be the new Viscosizer TD, for automated ultra low volume particle and molecular sizing through Taylor Dispersion Analysis.

OMNISEC, a fully integrated, easy-to-use, multi-detector GPC/SEC system, delivers high sensitivity molecular weight, molecular weight distribution, size and structure measurements for proteins, and for natural and synthetic polymers.

OMNISEC will be joined in the industrial section of the stand by the Mastersizer 3000, Malvern’s flagship laser diffraction particle size analyser equipped with Hydro Sight, an imaging accessory that makes it quicker and easier to develop, apply and troubleshoot particle sizing methods.

Completing the line-up is the Morphologi G3-ID, used for the measurement of particle size, shape and chemical identity with Raman spectroscopy; the Kinexus rotational rheometers; and the Zetasizer Nano, for nanoparticle, colloid and protein size zeta potential measurements and molecular characterisation.

Malvern experts will be on hand throughout the event to explain how these complementary products work together to advance formulation and support efficient process and product development.

The company’s Insitec laser diffraction system, which delivers online continuous particle sizing, will also be on display, on the Netzsch stand in Hall 6.0 Stand B6. Netzsch, a global manufacturer of industrial wet and dry grinding equipment is working with Malvern to develop and apply optimised automated milling circuits. The focus of the online sizing display will be using real-time data to automate process control. The two companies have been collaborating since 2013, with Netzsch conducting its standardisation using Malvern’s particle sizing and characterisation equipment.

Hall 4.1 Stand D59

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