Almac Group announces Almac One – a unified clinical trial supply solution

Published: 8-Mar-2019

Unique solution offers sponsors a streamlined approach to the global supply chain

Almac One aims to redefine the Clinical Supply Chain experience, creating a responsive end-to-end process that enhances visibility and accuracy throughout the lifecycle of a clinical study.

The drug development market continues to evolve significantly with common challenges such as expensive investigational products, limited inventory and globalisation of clinical trials. One of the key challenges facing sponsors today is the disconnect that exists across the clinical supply chain with variable recruitment patterns and patient demand. This leads to disjointed and costly trials resulting in frequently missed milestones.

The consequence of a fragmented approach is that vital study data is not aligned therefore there is a need for much more informed, smart and timely decision making.

Supporting sponsors to fully optimise their clinical supply chain, Almac has harnessed over three decades of experience delivering Clinical Supplies services and Interactive Response Technology to develop Almac One.

Bringing together expert consultants from across the clinical packaging, logistics and IRT spectrum, the Almac One solution provides sponsors with a single set of processes, combined with closed-loop technology to manage data end-to-end, for greater supply chain visibility and control throughout a study’s lifecycle. Almac One achieves this by aligning patient recruitment, clinical supply and IRT strategies to deliver a seamless data flow.

Val Higgins, President and Managing Director of Almac Clinical Technologies, comments: "We understand that our clients conducting complex and global clinical studies are facing increased pressures on time, delivery and agility. In response to these challenges, I am delighted that Almac One will provide sponsors with a more streamlined approach to the global supply chain and empowers our clients to make speedier, more accurate decisions to manage their studies. This is the latest development in our ongoing program of solutions that will help our clients face the challenges that the clinical supply chain of tomorrow may bring."

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