Applications published 17 October 2007

Published: 12-Sep-2008

Pharmaceutical formulation administrable orally in terms of a taste, consistency and a dosing
Cardon Pharmaceuticals 1843743*

Stable prostaglandin-containing compsns
Breath 1843744*

Dosage forms of active ingredients containing hydroxystilbene for treating menopausal complaints
Heger, Peter; Rettenberger, Reinhard; Spaich, Carl-Friedrich 1843745*

Somatostatin analogue formulations
Camarus; Goddard, Christopher 1843746*

Method for reducing the level of peroxides in biocompatible polymer preparations
Alza 1843747*

Solubilisate of a water-soluble organic acid and method for producing the same
Aquanova German Solubilisate Technologies 1843748*

Controlled release compsns for interferon based on PEGT/PBT block copolymers
OctoPlus Sciences 1843749*

Nebuliser formulation
Arrow International 1843750*

Pharmaceutical lipid compsns
Camarus; Goddard, Christopher 1843751*

Method of treating cancer
Myriad Genetics 1843752*

Compsns for freeze-drying proteins
Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique 1843753*

New pharmaceutical compsn containing candesartan cilexetil as lipophilic crystalline substance
LEK Pharmaceuticals 1843754*

• Gastric retention and controlled release delivery system
Emisphere Technologies 1843755*

• Formulations for production of capsule shells and capsules
Phoqus Pharmaceuticals 1843756*

• Phantom phenomena treatment
Eberhard-Karls-Universitaet Tubingen 1843757*

• Use of an active ingredient combination that contains hydroxystilbene for preventing and/or treating disease
Heger, Peter; Rettenberger, Reinhard; Spaich, Carl-Friedrich 1843758*

• Therapeutic compounds isolated from calomeria amarnthoides
Van Haaften, Caroline 1843759*

• Classes of compounds that interact with integrins
Alchemia 1843760*

• Extended release formulation of levetiracetam
Alembic 1843761*

• Dairyl and arylheteroarl urea derivatives as modulators of the 5-HT2A serotonin receptor useful for the prophylaxis or treatment of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy
Arena Pharmaceuticals 1843762*

• Compounds and compsns as PPAR modulators
IRM 1843763*

• Medicaments for the prevention or treatment of heart failure comprising administration of an anticholinergic
Boehringer Ingelheim International 1843764*

• The use of flupirtine for the treatment of overactive bladder and associated diseases, and for the treatment of IBS
elbion 1843765*

• Antidiabetic bycyclic compounds
Merck 1843766*

• 2,5-disubstituted phenyl methanone derivatives as glycine transporter 1 (GLYT-1) inhibitors for the treatment of neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders
F Hoffmann-Roche 1843767*

• Substituted morphinans and methods of their use
Adolor 1843768*

• Fast-disintegrating dosage forms of 5,8,14-triazatetracyclo[]-hexadeca-2 (11),3,5,7,9-pentaene
Pfizer Products 1843769*

• Solid particulate tadalafil having a bimodal particle size distribution
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries 1843770*

• Use of pyrimidylaminobenzamides for the treatment of diseases that respond to modulation of TIE-2 kinase activity
Novartis; Novartis-Pharma 1843771*

• Intravenous formulations of PDE-5 inhibitors
Bayer HealthCare 1843772*

• Method and compsn for treatment of neoplasms
Viralytics 1843773*

• Pulsatilla Spp. extracts effective in brain function
SK Chemicals 1843774*

• Novel compsns comprising ligustilide and process for their manufacture
DSM 1843775*

• Purified amphilic peptide compsns and uses thereof
3D Matrix 1843776*

• HIV-1 gp41 fusion peptides for immunomodulation
Yeda Research and Development 1843777*

• Compsns comprising epigallocatechin gallate and protein hydrolysate
DSM IP Assets 1843778*

• Compsns containing the anti-angiogenic PHSCN-peptide
Attenuon 1843779*

• A method of treatment
The University of Queensland 1843780*

• Compsn for prevention, treatment and diagnosis of inflammatory airway diseases
Jeon, Sook-Yeong; Nahm, Dong ho 1843781*

• Method and use of interferon compsns for the treatment of avian influenza
ViraNative 1843782*

• Control of drug release by transient modification of local micro-environments
Microchips 1843783*

• Identification of phospholipase A2 as target in cancer treatment, with special emphasis on colorectal cancer and its mechanism of action
Novartis; Novartis-Pharma 1843784*

• Polypeptides for inducing a protective immune response against staphylococcus aureus
Merck 1843785*

• DCCHOL for newborns
Sanofi Pasteur 1843786*

• Lipid and nitrous oxide combination as adjuvant for the enhancement of the efficacy of vaccines
North-West University 1843787*

• GLP-1 agonists, compsns, methods and uses
Centocor 1843788*

• Compsns and methods for treating fibrotic disorders
Amgen 1843789*

• Insulin derivatives conjugated with structurally well defined branched polymers
Novo Nordisk 1843790*

• Treatment of degenerative diseases with the X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario 1843791*

• Stabilisation of radiopharmaceutical precursors
GE Healthcare AS; GE Healthcare 1843792*

• A process for the preparation of a package comprising a sterilised bulk of a drug substance, and a package comprising a sterilised bulk of a penicillin
Access Group; Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der angewandten Forschung 1843793*

• Method for controlling microbial contamination, mineral suspensions obtained and uses thereof
Omya Development 1843794*

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