Celonic Group and UCL announce partnership

Published: 22-Mar-2021

The agreement gives UCL access to Celonic’s CHOvolution platform

Swiss-German CDMO Celonic Group and University College London have announced a partnership for the production of therapeutic protein candidates using Celonic’s CHOvolution cell expression platform. The goal is to establish stable cell lines for the expression of recombinant human proteins and variants for planned proof of concept clinical trials.

This partnership allows UCL access to Celonic’s CHOvolution cell line development platform. CHOvolution is based on CHO-K1 host cell line and is suitable for applications from non-GMP R&D testing to GMP development and commercial market supply.

Professor Howard Clark UCL Institute for Women’s Health) said: “Efficient GMP production of human biologicals with anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties allows for rapid translation of new agents into phase 1 safety and efficacy trials and faster exploitation of UCL basic science. This platform will facilitate testing of newly developed mimics of natural innate immune defence proteins with potential to treat inflammatory lung diseases ranging from neonatal chronic lung disease in babies to asthma and chronic obstructive lung disease in adults.”

“We are delighted to be supporting University College London with the clinical development of these novel protein therapeutics. The market-leading CHOvolution platform combined with our expertise in GMP production of recombinant proteins will help cut the time and costs required to bring these innovative therapeutics to clinical trials,” said Konstantin Matentzoglu, CEO of Celonic.

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