Clinical research collaboration for first line non-small cell lung cancer

Published: 25-Apr-2017

The multi-center single-arm trial, which combines TG4010 with nivolumab and standard chemotherapy, is expected to deliver first results in 2018

Biopharmeceutical companies Bristol-Myers Squibb and Transgene are collaborating on clinical research collaboration to evaluate the safety, tolerability and efficacy vaccine TG4010 in combination with Opdivo.

It is intended as a first-line treatment for advanced non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) in patients whose tumors have low or undetectable levels of PD-L1.

TG4010, provided by Transgene, is an investigational therapeutic vaccine designed to generate an immune response against MUC1-expressing tumors, such as NSCLC.

Opdivo (nivolumab), from Bristol-Myers Squibb, is an immune checkpoint inhibitor, designed to alleviate immune suppression.

The Phase 2 will evaluate objective tumor responses and disease control in patients and evaluate safety and tolerability, together with other efficacy metrics.

“Based on the results in combination with chemotherapy, we are hopeful that this triple combination regimen could provide a treatment option for patients with advanced NSCLC,” said Philippe Archinard, Chairman and CEO Transgene.

This multi-center single-arm trial is expected to deliver first results in 2018. Transgene will sponsor of the trial and Bristol-Myers Squibb will provide Opdivo.

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