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Huber Kältemaschinenbau SE is the technology leader for high precision thermoregulation solutions in research and industry. Huber products ensure precise temperature control throughout the whole world in laboratories, pilot plants and production processes. Our product range offers temperature control solutions for applications from -125°C to +425°C.


Huber has been driving technological development in the field of liquid temperature control with continuous innovations since 1968. The introduction of the Unistat technology was a revolution in temperature control, setting the tone for thermodynamics and accuracy today. In addition to dynamic temperature control systems, the Huber product range includes chillers, classic heating & cooling circulators and a range of special solutions and bespoke systems.

For the 11th year running, Huber has been presented with the TOP 100 award for being one of the hundred most innovative small and medium sized companies in Germany.

Huber offers temperature control units from -125°C to +425°C:

  • Dynamic Temperature Systems: Unistat, Unistat Tango, Unistat Hybrid, Petit Fleur
  • Chillers: Minichiller, Unischiller, Flow-through Chillers and Immersion Coolers
  • Bath and Circulators: Bath Circulators, Heating Circulators, Visco Bath, Immersion Circulators
  • Specials: Beer-Force-Ageing-Test Bath BFT5, Calibration Bath, Hotbox
  • Accessories: Controllers, Sensors, Thermal Fluids, Interfaces, Software
  • Bespoke systems

New Pilot ONE touchscreen controller – One for all and all for one!

Many temperature control tasks in the research laboratory, material testing or in the process industry are now easy to handle with the new multitouch controller.

The newly developed Pilot ONE touchscreen controller is fitted as standard on the range of temperature control equipment. The controller is a further milestone in the history of Huber’s innovative temperature control systems. It fits all Unistats, Unichillers and heating/cooling circulators. Thanks to the unique Plug & Play technology, the introduction of the Pilot ONE allows easy expansion of functions and features. The controller is also backwards compatible to previous models, therefore existing machines can be easily and economically upgraded.

The Pilot ONE offers the latest touchscreen technology, it provides comfortable navigation and advanced control technology. Ease of use is facilitated with USB/LAN connections and full text menu guidance in 11 languages. This not only facilitates operation but has also benefits for data recording or remote control.

The newly designed user interface and the large 5.7" TFT touchscreen makes daily work on the system easier and time-saving. Simple menu icons and easy to use functions such as graphic temperature curves, wipe gesture control, technology glossary and an adjustable favourites menu allow particularly simple operation.

More information is available at or in the current catalogue 2023.