Crown Bioscience creates Center of Excellence for bioinformatics, big data and biomarker discovery

Published: 19-Dec-2018

Services and capacity increase with new site opening

Crown Bioscience, a global drug discovery and development services company providing translational platforms to advance oncology, inflammation, cardiovascular and metabolic disease research, has recently announced the expansion of its existing translational oncology research capacity by opening a new site in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.

The large amount of data now available from preclinical and clinical research requires specialized expertise in bioinformatics, big data analysis and dedicated storage facilities.

CrownBio’s new site will focus on integrating the company’s experience in preclinical and translational research with cutting-edge digital technologies for the discovery of predictive biomarkers and the development of new and companion diagnostics.

The Suzhou site will become CrownBio’s centre of excellence for systems biology and clinical sample testing.

Located at the heart of the BioBay Science Park, one of the top-ranked biopharmaceutical hubs in China, this new site will also bring CrownBio into closer contact to regional and global pharmaceutical companies.

CrownBio will enhance its current translational oncology platform by expanding its existing services, and developing additional services, for advanced systems biology, including bioinformatics, big data and machine learning, along with biomarker discovery and clinical sample testing.

“Our newly established centre of excellence is dedicated to exploring the wealth of data that has become available from years of preclinical and translational research,” said Dr Henry Li, Senior Vice President of Global Scientific Research and Innovation at CrownBio.

“The site will leverage our extensive expertise in data analytics and testing to advance big data utilisation that will guide preclinical programmes.”

Dr Jean-Pierre Wery, CEO of CrownBio, commented: “The Suzhou site is a direct result of increased customer demand and market dynamics. It will allow us to both support an increased volume of global customer studies, and accelerate our bioinformatics goals, which will in turn facilitate the development of the next generation of precision medicine.”

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