Dose counter keeps track of medicine use

Published: 6-May-2014

Alerts user when the inhaler is nearing its end and needs replacing

RPC Formatec's new single dose counter enables users of PMDIs (pressurised metered dose inhalers) to count down the number of doses taken from their inhalers.

The counter can accurately count up to 999 doses and can be pre-set to count any specific number in between, for example, counting down from 200 or 120 to 0. This allows users to keep track of their medication and alerts them when the inhaler is nearing the end and requires replacing.

The versatile system can be retrofitted to all standard mouthpieces with just minor modifications. Its seven-part construction ensures reliability and ease of operation.

Also from RPC Formatec is a patented dose indicator that enables users of all types of PMDIs to accurately and reliably monitor the number of doses taken from their inhalers.

The system is FDA approved and fits all common valves including 3M, Bespak, V.A.R.I. and Aptar Pharma. As well as being available for new inhalers, the dose indicator can be integrated into existing dosing aerosols with only slight modification of the mouthpiece.

The robust and simple-to-use injection-moulded design provides a counter that indicates the amount of times the inhaler has been activated. The system can be tailored to specific customer requirements for the number of actuations – between 40 and 225 individual doses.

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