Dr. Reddy’s and TR-Pharm announce strategic collaboration in Turkey

Published: 11-Mar-2016

Dr. Reddy’s and TR-Pharm have entered into a strategic collaboration agreement to manufacture and commercialise a portfolio of biosimilar drugs in Turkey

Dr. Reddy’s and TR-Pharm have announced a strategic collaboration involving three biosimilar products that will be registered and subsequently commercialised by TR-Pharm in Turkey as part of the agreement. TR-Pharm will also manufacture the drug substance and drug product.

Mehmet Göker, General Manager of TR-Pharm, said: ‘Biosimilars are a key component of our investment strategy in Turkey to establish biotechnological API production for national use and regional exports.’

‘This agreement will not only enable the production of more affordable medicines, but will also support our research and development initiatives by building expertise within the country. We are pleased to have already started laying out the groundwork to work with Dr. Reddy’s to produce high quality biosimilar products,’ Mehmet added.

M.V. Ramana, Executive Vice President and Head of Branded Markets (India and emerging countries), said: ‘Turkey is a key emerging market and we are pleased to partner with TR-Pharm to ensure that patients in the region get access to our portfolio of high quality biosimilar products. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories is and remains committed to providing access to affordable and innovative drugs to populations around the world, and this partnership will make this happen in Turkey.’

TR-Pharm has begun laying out the groundwork for the technology transfer. This collaboration will be an important component of TR-Pharm’s ongoing biological product development and manufacturing business in the region. The partnership will also enable Dr. Reddy’s to widen the global footprint of its biosimilar business.

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