DuPont to virtually showcase offering at Festival of Pharma

Published: 7-Oct-2020

DuPont’s technical leaders will speak on topical trends to enhancing global focus on customer needs during the virtual event October 5th-16th

DuPont announced it will participate in the virtual CPhI: Festival of Pharma, highlighting its commitment to meet customers’ needs for innovations to address the challenges of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The company will showcase its brands, including Avicel and METHOCEL. Beyond these products, it offers various excipients that deliver functional benefits, efficiency, and cost-saving opportunities across a multitude of dosage forms and applications. The company also offers a portfolio for dietary supplements, including plant-based ingredients as well as probiotics backed by clinical science.

DuPont will reaffirm its commitment to strategic, high-quality customer service through the implementation of big Q, or a Quality culture, which aims to improve all aspects and contact points for customers – from administrative processes to customer service, logistics and more. Readers can register for the CPhI Festival of Pharma podcast for an interview with global quality leader, Pharma Solutions, Kieran O’Dwyer.

DuPont has worked on a polymer formulation that enables continuous manufacturing of controlled release tablets, which enables customers to switch from batch manufacturing, saving both time and money, while improving flow and compressibility.

The company will also be talking about its sustainably sourced anti-reflux solutions derived from brown seaweed to combat GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease/acid reflux disease) by creating a raft that block stomach acids. Attendees can learn more about how the gelling alginates enable anti-reflux systems via DuPont’s case study.

The company is also sponsoring and presenting at the Keynote: The Landscape of Affordable Healthcare with Dr Scott Gottlieb, former Commissioner of the FDA. Through its work with IPEC (International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council), DuPont seeks to help customers navigate the complex regulatory landscape while pushing for more advanced excipient guidelines to support speed-to-market for essential drugs.

“We’re thrilled to showcase how our deep technical expertise, combined with our broad portfolio and a commitment to continuous improvement, can help play a role in meeting the opportunities the industry is facing today and in the future,” said Rina Chokshi, global commercial marketing leader. “By actively collaborating with our customers, we’re helping them create the high-quality medications that are desperately needed right now.”

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