Dynamic temperature control systems from Huber

Published: 1-Mar-2023

Ideal for fast and highly accurate temperature control of externally connected applications

Huber Dynamic Temperature Control Systems from Labtex are ideal for fast and highly accurate temperature control of externally connected applications, with cooling capacities from 0.7 to 130 kW.

Unistats down to -45°C

Unistats down to -45°C are the entry class into the world of highly dynamic temperature control. The model series Petite Fleur, Grande Fleur, Tango and the 400 series convince with compact dimensions and unique thermodynamics for high-precision temperature control in laboratories, pilot plants and industry.

Unistats down to -60°C

Unistats down to -60°C are predestined for applications in process engineering such as temperature control of reactors, autoclaves, miniplant/pilot plants, reaction blocks and calorimeters. The temperature control systems are equipped with unique thermodynamics for highly accurate results.

Unistats down to -120°C

Unistats down to -120°C always guarantee the shortest heating and cooling times as well as wide temperature ranges without troublesome liquid changes. Unistats enable professional scale-up from the research laboratory to the production plant with consistently stable process conditions at all times.

Unistats up to +425°C

Unistats up to +425 °C are designed for applications at high working temperatures. The model series sets standards for safety, ease of use and temperature control speed. Due to the minimised intrinsic volume, the shortest heating times are possible. Direct contact of the hot thermal fluid with the oxygen in the atmosphere is avoided.


Unimotive models are specially designed for applications in the automotive industry. Typical applications are temperature simulations, material tests as well as temperature-dependent stress and load tests for batteries, automotive parts and functional components.

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