Exyte and Univercells partner on modular vaccine facility

Published: 14-May-2020

The collaboration has plans to integrate Exyte’s prefabricated modular construction system, with Univercells Technologies’ NevoLine biomanufacturing platform

Exyte, a specialist in high-tech facilities, and Univercells Technologies, a provider of novel biomanufacturing technologies, are partnering on construction of modular standardised and flexible GMP manufacturing facilities for vaccines.

The partnership is in response to the increased global demand for vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic, which will require expedited delivery of large amounts of vaccine doses once a formulation is approved.

Rapid deployment of prefabricated plants will enable rapid mass production and shortened time-to-market for vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 and other diseases.

Through this partnership, an integrated plant design combines Exyte's prefabricated modular construction system, ExyCell, with Univercells Technologies' NevoLine biomanufacturing platform featuring the scale-X fixed-bed bioreactor at its core. ExyCell can be configured to adapt to any process layout, while the NevoLine technology presents a disruptive proven approach based on process intensification and chaining for automated, cost-effective production of large quantities of vector-based vaccines and live attenuated vaccines.

Vaccine developers and biopharmaceutical manufacturers will benefit from the integrated, modular concept.

Capital and operational expenditures are drastically reduced for the building and commissioning of GMP-compliant vaccine production plants with the prefabricated solution that delivers high manufacturing capacity within a very low footprint.

The solution is equally suitable for building new facilities as well as converting existing facilities. With pre-selected process equipment, the modular plant concept enables scalability for rapid capacity ramp-up and accelerated market entry, promoting the availability of vaccines for global immunisation campaigns.

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