Gen-Probe expands service offering in Manchester, UK

Published: 6-Jul-2011

Increases footprint and hires two managers

Gen-Probe Life Sciences has completed the consolidation of its Molecular Genetic Services (MGS) business at its expanded facilities in Manchester, UK.

Gen-Probe has expanded its footprint in Wythenshawe, Manchester, UK from 11,000ft2 to 67,000ft2.

The San Diego, US-headquartered firm acquired the former Tepnel Pharma Sciences business for £93m just over a year ago and says the expansion will provide the catalyst for the further development of a suite of outsourced genomic services.

Gen-Probe Life Sciences, which already provides nucleic acid extraction and array-based services, will also provide support to translational research through the discovery, qualification and validation of biomarkers and IUO assays with the potential for both drug development and companion diagnostic applications.

David Scott, Gen-Probe’s senior director, commercial services and Diaclone, said: ‘We are excited to be implementing this next stage in the strategic development of our pharma services brand. We believe that the potential to identify and develop both genomic and proteomic assays for biomarkers at an early stage presents a real value proposition to biopharmaceutical companies seeking companion diagnostics.’

As part of the consolidation, Gen-Probe Life Sciences has appointed Bob Holt as MGS manager, who will grow the MGS business, and Haroon Allybacus as business development manager for its pre-clinical, clinical and cGMP drug development services.

Gen-Probe develops rapid, accurate and cost-effective molecular diagnostic products and services that are used primarily to diagnose human diseases, screen donated human blood, and ensure transplant compatibility.

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