HERMA to showcase optimised multi-layer adhesive at Labelexpo 2017

Published: 29-Aug-2017

The optimised 62Xpc adhesive for films is extremely strong but also has increased clarity making it well suited for high quality film labels

Rough or difficult-to-label surfaces are a challenge for product identification in production processes.

It is crucial for the adhesive to ensure immediate tack despite the very high labelling speed, preventing the label from slipping out of place and its corners from protruding.

HERMA’s optimised multi-layer adhesive 62Xpc, which will be presented at the Labelexpo 2017 in Brussels (hall 5, booth C14), is an ideal solution for these applications.

After further development, HERMAperfectCut 62Xpc penetrates surfaces much faster, thereby achieving extremely strong initial tack.

Dr Uli Nägele, Head of Research and Development at Herma, said: “On top of that, we were able to increase the adhesive’s transparency. This results in a much better look, which plays a big role especially for high-quality film labels, eg in the demanding market of cosmetics, personal hygiene and household cleaning products. Our optimised multi-layer adhesive 62Xpc offers users many possibilities in that field.”

Reduced die-cutting pressure

The HERMA adhesive 62Xpc not only provides fast flow behaviour — it also considerably reduces the clouding of label edges caused by prolonged contact with water.

Moreover, the multi-layer adhesive offers excellent processing parameters — a major bonus for film applications in particular.

The adhesive coating applied by the multi-layer process breaks down faster and facilitates the die-cutting operation during label production.

Among other things, the die-cutting pressure can be decreased by 15–20%. This not only reduces wear, but also contributes to extending production machines’ service life.

With this adhesive, cohesion — the internal force that holds together the adhesive layer — has been significantly increased.

Practically no adhesive bleeding takes place as a result, the 62Xpc adhesive offers outstanding and reliable processability in the production environment, with high initial tack and outstanding final adhesion.

The 62Xpc also provides excellent resistance to light, heat, and ageing. The adhesive is completely migration-safe and has the unrestricted approval for direct contact with foodstuffs.

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