IDB Holding invests in Lab Evo, a start-up for digitisation in the health sector

Published: 18-Oct-2023

The group, to which Indena and Scharper both belong, confirms its attention devoted to innovative solutions for people’s health

Lab Evo is delighted to announce the entrance into its share capital of IDB Holding, the holding company of the Group that includes Indena and Scharper.

The investment operation by IDB Holding is intended to further support the development and expansion of Lab Evo and its interesting project in the important direction of digitisation in the health sector.

Lab Evo is taking up this challenge by providing an innovative and safe alternative to traditional laboratory analyses.

In fact, thanks to easy-to-use, self-explanatory kits, customers can provide specimens independently and conveniently in their own homes, as well as at the pharmacy or the office —thanks to the collaborations that Lab Evo has set up with a number of chains of pharmacies and companies with the aim of disseminating the value of prevention.

After using the analysis kits provided by Lab Evo, customers send the samples to the partner laboratories spread across the entire Italian territory and the results are processed quickly and accurately through the use of advanced analysis technologies, enabling prompt and precise responses.

The involvement of IDB Holding will allow the further development of the platform and the services provided by Lab Evo, envisaging, among other things, the offer of personalised nutraceutical solutions following the results of the laboratory analyses.

Thanks to intelligent algorithms and the use of customers’ medical data, the platform is in fact capable of suggesting specific treatments and providing indications to improve their lifestyle and to keep the key health check parameters monitored.

Furthermore, through appropriate channels, the customers concerned will be able to interact with qualified physicians by means of examinations via video link, enabling immediate and professional consultations.

“IDB Holding follows new initiatives and technologies that can contribute to improving people’s health with great interest, and believes in the development of home diagnostics," says Daniele Giavini, Managing Director of Indena and Board Member of IdB Holding.

"Supporting Lab Evo means creating a synergy between a service that makes the management of diagnostic examinations and the offer of high-quality natural products for health checks for the public easier."

"For a very long time both Indena, with its excellent active botanical principles, and Scharper, with its offer of high-end supplements, have worked to provide effective support for people’s well-being and health, combining nature and science.”

The increase in capital recently concluded represents a significant milestone for Lab Evo.

The funds made available will be used to further improve the platform, to expand geographical coverage and to invest in research and development activities with a view to new functionalities.

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Lab Evo is aiming to become the point of reference for remote access to laboratory analyses and to personalised solutions, offering a high-quality, safe and efficient service.

The involvement of IDB Holding can also allow the development of partnerships and commercial collaborations between Lab Evo and the other companies and customers of the IDB Group.

"This increase in capital represents an important recognition of the value of our company and its potential for impact in the health sector," affirms Lab Evo CEO Matteo Nobili.

"We are enthusiastic about being able to collaborate with the IDB Holding Group, our new partner to speed up our growth and to take our innovation to an ever wider public."

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