India pharma growth expectations in 2024 are the highest globally, say CPHI & PMEC India

Published: 10-Nov-2023

More than 60% of the executives here are "highly positive" about 2024 — the highest of any country

Ahead of this month’s CPHI & PMEC India (28–30 November) — the largest pharma event in India — the organisers confirm that India has highest confidence in outsourcing growth globally among its pharma professionals.

Building on the back of last month’s CPHI Annual Report, in which India was widely seen as a global winner, executives from India have offered up the most positive outlook for 2024 — with 61% being "highly positive" and a further 37% being "moderately confident."

This result contrasts with a global average of just 37% highly positive and 54% moderate in all executives.

Olga Ponomareva-Stepnaya, Brand Manager, CPHI India, commented: “India is in a very strong moment with its pharma industry boosted by a number of tailwinds that our analysts believe will see it outperform most other regions."

"What we also see is that supply chains within India are evolving and growing alongside this to support the industry, which is why CPHI India is critical to maintaining the country’s and wider region’s moment into 2024.”

"We aim to build a community that empowers faster development and growth, a dynamic hub where ideas, companies and cutting-edge technologies converge."

"In terms of insights from the show floor, I would encourage attendees to attend the Pharma Pre-Connect Congress at the Le Meridian Hotel and to also make full use of our CPHI Online platform to prefix meetings and connect year-round with partners and new businesses,” added Olga Ponomareva-Stepnaya.

In line with wider pharma trends across the country for a more sustainable industry, this year’s edition will be the most sustainable to date and is powered exclusively by renewable energy sources. Registration to the event is free until 24 November and the pass provides access to both the online and in person platforms.

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