Johnson Matthey turns 200 years old

For 200 years, Johnson Matthey has been at the forefront of technological breakthroughs that make life cleaner, healthier and more efficient.

From the development of new battery technologies to advanced materials used in medical devices, catalysts that clean emissions from one in three car engines worldwide and hydrogen fuel cells, Johnson Matthey is applying science at every scale worldwide.

Two hundred years after Percival Norton Johnson founded the company, it is celebrating global operations on all continents and annual sales of more than £3 billion.

Over 90% of the company's sales come from technologies that have an explicit environmental, health or sustainability benefit.  Today, the company employs 13000 people in 30 countries worldwide.

Last year alone, Johnson Matthey invested £188 million in research and development projects around the globe.

Robert MacLeod, Chief Executive of Johnson Matthey said: "This is a very special year for all of us at Johnson Matthey as we celebrate our 200th anniversary. We continue to make significant progress and our refreshed brand identity reflects the breadth of our science and the positive impact it has on our customers and on the lives of millions of people around the world every day."

In total, approximately 70 parties will be taking place around the world, following the sunrise in Japan to sunset in the US. This will bring together Johnson Matthey’s 13000 employees around the world, including scientists, engineers, sales teams and other staff across a wide range of disciplines.

Tree planting, beach clean-ups and other community or charity focused activities will feature alongside traditional parties to recognise the achievements of a company that provides science led solutions on a global scale.

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