LGC acquires NGS kit supplier

Published: 4-Apr-2022

Rapid Genomics provides kits to help enable the development of more productive and resilient plants and animals

LGC has today announced its acquisition of Rapid Genomics, a provider of mid- to high-density next-generation sequencing (NGS) kits and services for genotyping in the agrigenomics market.

Rapid Genomics is a specialist in genotyping applications via next-generation sequencing (NGS). Its Flex-Seq Ex-L technology is provided to customers through kits and genotyping services, and is designed to allow high-throughput DNA analysis in plant, livestock and aquaculture genetics. This helps enable the development of more productive and resilient plants and animals, as well as food safety and animal health applications through the identification and screening of pathogens, the company says.

Mark Dearden, Managing Director, LGC, Biosearch Technologies, said: “We are excited to secure Rapid Genomics, which is an elegant fit with our core purpose of science for a safer world. This acquisition will enable future growth and development of our NGS high-throughput offerings in the agrigenomics space. Rapid Genomics is an excellent complement to our existing NGS and PCR genomics capabilities and we look forward to bringing the combined offering to our customers.”

Leandro Neves, CEO and President of Rapid Genomics, said: “We are honoured to join the LGC team. Our companies have worked together for several years with great synergy and shared vision. The access to LGC’s expertise in the field and broad technologies will have a multiplier effect on our ability to provide innovative solutions to our customers. We are excited to be part of LGC and leverage this opportunity to benefit our employees and customers.”

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