Manufacturing Chemist in conversation with SGS

Published: 31-Aug-2022

In this exclusive video interview, Manufacturing Chemist talks to Mike Frodsham, the Chief Technical Officer of SGS. The pharmaceutical expert discusses challenges his clients face, the importance of customer retention, and look back at the recent company acquisition

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SGS is a pharmaceutical testing, inspection and certification company based in Switzerland. In December 2021, the company acquired the CDMO Quay Pharma, which has been a real boon to the wider company.

In this interview, the company's CTO, Mike Frodsham, talks about how the focus on customer retention is almost more important than how to build your client list. The seasoned pharmaceutical expert also walks through some of the challenges that he has helped customers combat to showcase the benefit of their services and how they achieve this retention.

Coming from the acquired company, Quay Pharma, Frodsham talks about the win-win advantages of the two companies' combined capabilities...

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This interview was led by Sophie Bullimore from Manufacturing Chemist.

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