Microsphere Summit 2023

Published: 24-Jan-2023

Best practice in long acting release injectable drug development and production

Powder Systems Limited is delighted to be hosting the Microsphere Summit – a two-day event bringing together developers of new drugs with specialist manufacturers, in an interactive setting. The 2023 Summit is being held in Liverpool, UK on the 29 & 30 March and combines an informative programme of conferences topics with practical demonstrations and workshops.

On Day 1 the Summit Conference addresses topics including Drug Formulation, Microsphere Processing, Process Analytical Technology and much more. During breaks, networking and knowledge exchange opportunities are available for delegates, speakers and sponsors. Day 2 consists of practical Insight Training and a series of 4 Workshops, demonstrating key aspects of Microsphere Processing.

Join us for discussions, ideas, solutions and networking.

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Microsphere Summit 2023

Long Acting Injectables

The Summit is designed to highlight best practice and advancements in technology in the field of Long Acting Release (LAR) injectable drug development and production. It features presentations from leading industry experts along with practical workshops and case studies. Topics will include all aspects of LAR, from initial formulation and processing, through to filling and packaging.

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LAR injectable drug development and production.

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Delegates at the Summit will be introduced to the evolution and progression of the global microsphere market, with practical guidance on important factors to consider when scaling-up microsphere drug processes. A major challenge the pharmaceutical industry faces is how to deliver appropriate doses of drugs over time. The microsphere, a controlled release drug delivery system, offers a solution that conventional methods of drug delivery do not address.

Drug loaded microspheres composed of biodegradable polymers are a critical vehicle for sustained release systems, helping to make novel therapeutics safer and more effective.

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