Nemera's e-Novelia ophthalmic add-on wins award at CPhI Worldwide 2018

Published: 15-Oct-2018

A team of industry experts awarded Nemera’s electronic add-on for ophthalmic droppers with a prestigious CPhI Award for Best Drug Delivery Device in its category

On 9 October, during the CPhI Pharma Awards Gala, e-Novelia, Nemera’s electronic add-on for ophthalmic droppers, was celebrated as the best-in-class innovation displayed at the show for “Excellence in Pharma: Drug Delivery Devices”.

e-Novelia, Nemera’s smart ophthalmic add-on, has been designed to make patients’ life easier, by offering increased comfort and optimised adherence to their treatments. It works in combination with Nemera’s preservative-free multidose eye dropper Novelia.

“There is no limit to Nemera’s ambition to serve patients. We already market devices in over 40 countries for millions of users. We’ll keep investing in new products and in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, to help even more patients with high quality drug delivery devices all over the world,” said Marc Haemel, CEO.

The ophthalmic add-on incorporates cutting-edge technology and unique features; Nemera have designed and developed the device to add new functions which couldn’t be provided by standard mechanical devices. Patients will benefit from enhanced instructions for use, immediate usage feedback and compliance information.

Patients will benefit from enhanced instructions for use, <br>immediate usage feedback and compliance information

Patients will benefit from enhanced instructions for use,
immediate usage feedback and compliance information

e-Novelia combines these electronic benefits with improved ergonomics using mechanical features to make the device easier to activate and electronic functions to assist the patient in delivering drops accurately to the eyes.

This new technology will also be useful for healthcare professionals to tailor treatments and for researchers to perform more efficient clinical studies, for example.

e-Novelia has been designed to improve patients’ interaction with their drug by assisting them with:

  • Digitalised and interactive Instructions For Use through mobile application and on-device screen
  • Reminders to take their dose
  • Reminders to reload the device with a new drug bottle
  • Information about their drug: expiry date, dosage, batch number
  • Feedback and guidance to use their device the right way: tilt and shaking indication, buzzer, detection of wrong usage
  • Improved ergonomy and user friendliness featuring an eye cup and a bottle squeezing aid

Nemera’s smart eyedropper showcases several electronic features, which could be transferred across multiple device platforms:

  • Compliance rate
  • Treatment history
  • Remaining volume indication
  • Optimal position for drop into eye (via traffic lights)
  • Actuation ease of use
  • User instructions
  • Smartphone application and notifications
  • Shaking formulation indication
  • RFID tag on eyedropper bottle to collect data
Nemera's e-Novelia ophthalmic add-on wins award at CPhI Worldwide 2018

“We are absolutely thrilled to receive this prestigious award,” said Denise Johnston, VP Global Sales. “The Novelia PFMD platform is already a huge success in the market, improving patients' daily lives by giving them an option on preservative-free formulations in a multi-dose eye dropper bottle, reducing allergic reactions and itchiness due to preservatives. Our innovation teams are blazing a trail on developing electronic devices to further enhance the patient experience with Novelia and these features can even be used universally for many of our other devices. It is wonderful to see this work recognised as being cutting edge and hugely motivating for our teams. Like our motto says ‘We put patients first'," added Johnston.

You can learn more about e-Novelia at

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