New controlled nucleation resource centre

Published: 8-Aug-2017

SP Scientific announces ControLyo Central, a new suite of online resources detailing how ControLyo Technology works and its benefits

SP Scientific is a manufacturer of lyophilisers, aseptic vial washing and tray loading machines, temperature control, centrifugal evaporators and concentrators, glassware washers, and controlled environmental rooms and chambers.

Central to the new ControLyo Central resource centre is a series of short video presentations assessing the implementation value of new freeze drying technologies to scientific cycle development and production environments,to assess the financial impact to freeze dried parenteral manufacturers.

Using an animated video format — SP Scientific introduces the science of ControLyo Technology, the process of implementation and its potential financial benefits to businesses through factors such as shorter cycle times, reduced waste and improved product quality.

The video shows how staff at an illustrative pharmaceutical company are faced with slowed production due to lyophilisation problems including variations in moisture levels, homogeneity and yield for a new injectable drug.

The staff introduce ControLyo Technology and explain in simple terms how the technology affords precise control over the point of freezing during the lyophilisation process — a critical factor affecting variability within a batch.

Also described is how ControLyo can reduce cycle time, virtually eliminate waste, improve product quality without requiring any formulation change and maintain sterility. Finally, the cost analysis demonstrates a typical 4 month payback on investment in ControLyo Technology in their production environment.

Additional videos within ControLyo Central include actual footage of traditional lyophilisation versus ControLyo Technology, and 'in action' applications involving lyophilisation in both vials and syringes.

Visitors to the ControLyo Central resource will find research publications and supporting literature with spatially modulated illumination (SMI) microscopy images to further understand this innovative freeze drying breakthrough and its impact on product quality and production efficiencies.

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