New widescreen HMIs from Mitsubishi

Published: 20-Aug-2018

Mitsubishi Electric has added two new widescreen versions of its popular GOT2000 HMIs to the range

The wider display format is designed to allow users of the GT21 and GT25 models to display additional screen information for enhanced machine operability and improved user experience as well as the ability to increase productivity.

Key additional features include dual Ethernet ports for network segregation, a built in sound output interface that can be used for spoken alerts or feedback and an optional wireless LAN module.

Hugh Tasker, Mitsubishi Electric’s UK HMI Product Manager, said: “Most people are used to the widescreen format now and find it much easier to use, the extra screen area provides space for more visual information, so less switching between screen displays, which is much faster and more convenient to work with. The audio feature is also a key enabler to drive up productivity by making our HMIs more user-friendly.”

The GT21 is an entry-level 7” widescreen HMI offering WVGA resolution and featuring on-board Ethernet, CC-Link IE Field Basic, RS-232 and RS-422/485 connectivity; whereas the premium GT25 is available in 7” WVGA and 10” WXGA.

The GT25 adds a second Ethernet port for increased flexibility, allowing users to physically separate information and control system networks and set different IP addresses for each network, which helps to promote increased security and safety as well as network flexibility.

The GT25s also offer an industry first for HMIs, a sound output interface, enabling the HMI to emit audible alarm or alert sounds as well as play spoken alert messages or operator instructions. Reinforcing the information displayed on the screen, spoken operator instructions can be a key aid in boosting productivity and reducing errors.

Optional remote monitoring functions using VNC and webserver technologies make the new GOTs more than just HMIs as they become a convenient portal delivering easy access to both HMI and attached hardware such as PLCs, drives, servos and even robots.

Whether it’s the need to check on an alarm message or production statistics, full visualisation of all the information about your process can be easily accessed either locally or from the other side of the world by remotely connecting to the GOT from a personal computer or a mobile device.

The new stylish, compact narrow silver bezels of both GOT models are setting the trend for the look of future Mitsubishi Electric HMIs. This, together with crystal clear enhanced graphics using antialiasing technology makes these HMIs an attractive face for any machine or system.

Mitsubishi Electric is always highly aware of the cost saving and convenience offered by backwards compatibility, so has made the overall cut-out dimensions match older 4:3 format units, allowing easy retrofit and avoiding the need for new cut-out tooling for bulkhead mounting. The additional space is used to accommodate a front facing USB port adding to the overall convenience of use.

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