Newly approved nasal spray chooses Aptar Pharma delivery system

Published: 23-Jan-2020

The company that makes a newly approved epilepsy nasal spray has chosen Unidose Liquid System as its delivery device

Aptar Pharma, a drug delivery systems, services and active packaging solutions specialist, has announced that its new delivery device has been chosen as the partner to a newly approved FDA nasal spray.

The patented Unidose Liquid System is the device delivering a new nasal spray that is a rescue treatment for people with epilepsy aged six and older suffering from acute repetitive seizures. This ready-to-use rescue treatment can be used when and where a seizure cluster occurs.

Proven solution

Aptar’s Unidose Liquid System is a single-use, ready-to-use one-step nasal delivery device which can deliver a formulation in an emergency situation quickly and easily and can be administered by a non-healthcare professional to a patient during or after a seizure.

During such an event, the patient or caregiver presses a small plunger on the bottom of the device to release the drug in a single spray into the nostril, where the drug can be quickly absorbed via the nasal mucosa.

Patented platforms

Aptar’s Unidose and Bidose platforms are robust, primeless, and intuitive systems with 360° functionality and precise nasal drug delivery.

These platforms offer biotech and pharmaceutical companies effective and reliable single or two-shot intranasal delivery for a variety of medicines including potential life-saving drugs and treatments of severe conditions. The devices can also integrate wireless connectivity technologies.

Accelerated development

This new rescue treatment for seizure activity is an example of a Combination Product submission, and benefitted from Aptar Pharma’s services offering, a comprehensive portfolio of stage-specific development packages.

Gael Touya, President of Aptar Pharma, said: “Our proven nasal systems combined with our lab and analytical service capabilities create substantial value for our customers and help them secure approval. The ultimate end result is that we help expand life-saving treatments with our patient-friendly systems.”

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