ACG: on a mission to help pharmaceutical companies futureproof ageing plant


ACG is pleased to announce that its engineering business — dedicated to aftermarkets service — is working with its manufacturing customers to increase the lifecycle of their machines

ACG: on a mission to help pharmaceutical companies futureproof ageing plant

The company is on a mission to ensure its customers do not add to their productivity concerns and is helping them to remove any avoidable interruptions to their production whilst enhancing performance. ACG engineers analyse machines around the world enabling them to help owners and operators find better methods of working.

From electronic upgrades to updated OEM parts, ACG’s customers can reduce changeover and set-up times, improve yield and operator safety standards. By upgrading, rather than replacing, machines can sustain less wear and tear, run more smoothly and last longer.

Additionally, the ACG team is helping its customers with ageing machines achieve 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, the US Food and Drug Administration’s regulation for electronic documentation and electronic signatures.

Depending on the type and age of an individual machine, the different methods for improving machine performance include production planning, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, energy optimisation, operator augmentation and remote servicing. All are designed to help reduce costs and boost revenues and profit.

Ashish Karulkar, Head of Aftermarkets at ACG, comments: “The message at the heart of our operation is make it better. A healthier world means providing affordable quality medicines and supplements safely to all areas of the planet, with minimal impact on the environment. Good machines are needed to make good medicines.

“21 CFR Part 11 compliance is the need of the hour for all the FDA regulated customers and ACG supports our customers to achieve this compliance effectively, and provides them with critical real-time information and even saving on digital storage is all part of how we continue to operate in these economically challenging times."

"In coming time, the ACG driven digital initiatives like iIOT and Smart Serve will also boost up to achieve our objective of enhancing performance and improving machine productivity."

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“At a time of unprecedented increases in manufacturing costs that extend to energy, raw materials, labour and services – having plant that not only lasts but supports production has never been more important.”